Toitu te marae a tane toitu te
marae a tangaroa toitu te iwi

Who we Are

We are a group of passionate individuals and groups who are committed to the restoration, enhancement and use of the Pourewa Valley.

Our Vision

Our community-led vision is the overarching desire for what the Pourewa Valley will be like by 2040.

Our Vision

We see a future where the Pourewa Valley catchment is recognised as a world-class urban sanctuary of local, regional and national significance

Our Vision 1

Clean Water

Our Vision 2

Restored Environment

Our Vision 3

Pest Free

Our Vision 4

A Pathway Network

Our Vision 5

Connection to history & culture

Our Vision 6

Enjoying, managing & protecting natural features.

Our Aims

Together our network came up with a set of aims to support the vision for the Pourewa Valley project.

1 Engagement

Engage major landowners and the volunteer community to drive ecological improvements through the whole valley. Encourage/identify and equip leaders to drive this change.

2 Connection

Connect people to the valley (recreation, tourism, guardianship, conservation advocacy, education). Connect ecological improvements to contribute to region-wide biodiversity (wildlife movements, biodiversity corridors).

3 Information Sharing

Share a common set of information (data, plans, events, learnings) upon which to base decisions. Create an information hub, with a delegated gatekeeper for this information.

4 Water Quality

Monitor, advocate for and improve water quality in the Pourewa Valley (stormwater, drains, streams, intertidal, estuarine, sea).

5 Habitats

Enhance habitats to improve the population numbers and diversity of birds, bugs and fish.

6 Pests

Control pest plants and eliminate pest animals within the catchment.

7 Monitor

Monitor baseline water quality, habitat quality and species diversity indicators against which improvements can be measured aligning with the monitoring taking place in Ōrākei Basin.